About the Artist


After spending the better part of his adult life in the business world, this artist unceremoniously walked away from a “successful” corporate banking career to follow an unseen, almost instinctual need to do something…. anything artistic. He tried music, writing, drinking, and a host of other outlets to “fill the hole”, finally finding abstract painting as a simple exercise of expression. Initially thought to be a form of therapy in a rather “dark” separation period and with no formal artistic education or training, he kept most of his early efforts in his basement studio away from the public eye. His initial works (acrylic on canvas) are an abstract representation of finding a glimmer of light in a mind ruled by logic and selfish embattlement. A drastic move away from traditional, linier thinking to an almost “active meditation” in an effort to find something…. and still not sure what that “something” is. 


While the early pieces are somewhat dark and subliminal, most of the newer work is filled with color and includes everything from 3D minimalists in negative space to poured landscapes.  All pieces are signed, original work. No numbered prints or copies. There is some commissioned work for local businesses and family but the majority is in storage or being displayed here for the first time. 

Please feel free to email with any questions, comments, or constructive input.